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What is a Follicular Study Ultrasound?

A follicular study ultrasound, also known as follicular tracking or follicular monitoring, is a series of scans done during various phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle to monitor the development of ovarian follicles and track the process of ovulation. This test also checks the endometrial changes in response to maturation of the eggs. It is mainly used to help couples to time intercourse - to the exact time of ovulation - and optimise the chances of having a baby. Endometrium is the inner wall of the uterus.

Follicular monitoring is the process of a series of ultrasound monitoring of the ovarian follicles to evaluate for mutation of eggs & documenting the pathway to ovulation. Follicular test is a vital component of IVF assessment and timing, as it also checks for follicular cysts in ovaries. Follicular scan is also essential for women taking fertility medication to assess for the response of medication & adjust the dosage. Want to know more about what are follicles and follicular monitoring test? Book an appointment with Seeds of Innocence.

What happens to follicles during IVF

To stimulate ovaries to produce more eggs, some specific drugs are prescribed. Examining the ovarian follicles is part of the fertility treatment process. The series of pelvic ultrasound will enable a specialist to assess the dosage of drugs & evaluate when the patient is ready for egg collection.

When the follicles reach 18-20 mm in diameter, they are considered ready for egg collection. A hormone trigger injection is then used to stimulate the follicles to release the mature eggs. The egg collection procedure is then started after 36 hours of injection to allow the collection of best possible eggs. The mature eggs are then sent to the laboratory to fertilize with sperm.

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